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YARN & AWS Commands

YARN과 AWS CLI 를 위한 명령어를 설명합니다.

YARN Commands

  • yarn application -list

  • yarn application -kill app-id // app-id는 YARN Web UI에서 확인

  • yarn logs -applicationID app-id

  • yarn -help

AWS CLI Commands

  • yum install awscli // aws CLI 명령어 툴 설치

  • aws s3 ls s3://datasets.elasticmapreduce/ngrams/books/ --no-sign-request // s3에 있는 파일 보기

  • aws s3 cp s3://datasets.elasticmapreduce/ngrams/books . // s3에 있는 내용을 local로 복사

ls(list), cp(copy), rm(remove), mb., rb, sync, website, presign

Zookeeper Client Commands

  • zookeeper-client -server host:port command args

  • zookeeper-client -server

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